WordPress SEO Plugins

The WordPress SEO plugin is actually a bit of software program that contains several features that may be helpful for fast indexing of website content, customize the meta title & description of post & pages, social meta and crucial search engine optimization task. The Yoast and All in one SEO plugin are perfect for the task. Here is the quick overview of both of these

Yoast SEO:
Among all of the plugins Yoast is better for SEO. As well as permanently cause – it’s probably the most thorough, well-thought away Search Engine Optimization plugin with regard to WordPress away available on the market. It may perform essentially something an expert Search Engine Optimization Professional might want.

First, on the yoast Dashboard, you need to verify your Webmaster accounts at various Search Engines. Google & Bing is most important.

Second, you need to enable Meta robot tag from Titles & Metas option. It’s a command for Search Engine you’re telling search engines to use your page description – not other directories’ descriptions.

Third, now you have to fix Archives and Taxonomies whose main target is to prevent low-quality content. If some pages are not particularly relevant to anything someone would be searching for & contain a lot of blank pages which can be looks spammed into search algorithms. Then we use Yoast SEO to tell search engines to click through and look at all the posts – but not to index them.

Fourth, then go to social & make a link with your site to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+. Which might be helpful for visitors to find your company social outlook.

Fifth, in here you can add your company name & others description so that your site will be trusted.

Sixth, now enter into sitemaps. XML Sitemaps tend to be essentially the roadmap a person share with search engines like Google to allow them to make use of because they spider your website. Just take your XML sitemap URL & then you submit it to Google or Bing through webmaster tools.

Seventh, seriously check your Permalink/URL settings. Which might be SEO friendly & that is a ranking factor of your website. So how can you Optimize your URL that’s we described in the introduction section?

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