attractions toronto

One of the famous Toronto attractions is the Canada’s wonderland. It is so far the first and also the biggest theme park in Canada that features above than 68 thrilling rides and 200 attractive sites. Canada’s Wonderland possesses the widest range of roller coasters of North America. There are live shows and a water park of 20 acres, Splash Works. The tallest motion ride and the most thrilling one in the park is the Leviathan ride that drops the riders at a really intense angle of 80 degrees that depicts that it is only for the daring riders that can move on firmly through the turns and loops and the twists at high speeds. You would also like to get on at Vortex, the first roller coaster of Canada in a suspended state. Thus, this Toronto attraction offers you a lot to visit. While touring in Canada, you must not forget to come to these places.

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