He started his career as an investment salesperson in late 1950’s. His first earning was 12000 US Dollar per year. Moreover, after few years of experience and savings he starts Buffett Partnership Ltd. After increasing partnerships in his business, he started bringing people to invest and with his great strategies and stock exchange game, he was amillionaire by the end of 1960. Unlike other celebrities, Warren does not own an oil and gas firm or a social network; he was just good at looking into theworth of the company for investment. Warren believed in along-term investment that eventually paid off. The person has a Celebrity Net Worth of 70 billion US Dollars as of June 2015. Moreover, the number does not end here, if Warren stops giving his money as a philanthropist, he has a fair chance of being the world’s most richest celebrity. In addition, he became a billionaire after his 50th birthday. That is an intelligent long-term investment. The company he established ‘Berkshire’ is returning people more than 300% of what they invested in 2000. Therefore, if you spend in Berkshire in early 2000’s, you have made a wise choice.

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