DR. George Shapiro

Apart from his main speciality, he has shown considerable interest in general cardiology over the years. Drgeorge Shapiro is an inspirational figure who has innovated many medical protocols during his 27 years of practice as a heart specialist. He is a diligent researcher and a methodical practitioner. Apart from being a doctor, he is quite a famous social figure in New York. He is not one of those dumb and boring, single-minded medical men who have not a single social bone in their bodies. He is a multi-tasker and is leading a successful life in the busy metropolitan- New York. In spite of all the fame and name that doctor Shapiro enjoys, he has not let all of it get to his head, he is quite pleasing and understanding towards his patients and knows perfect and impeccable social manners. He is a quite famous among his regular visitors for his hospitable and kind nature- something that is completely missing in other medical practitioners.

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