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In this advanced world where technology rules in almost every field of life, even the embroidery is now digitized. The traditional hand sewed embroidery is replaced by Embroidery Digitizing. Any outline can be weaved, however first it needs to be changed over into an arrangement that is acknowledged and meaningful by the weaving machine. That transformation methodology is called "digitizing" The digitized document tells the weaving machine where, how and which hues to utilize while sewing. Prior to any configuration can be weaved, it must be digitized. Digitizing is a complex process that is both workmanship and science. This Embroidery Punching and Embroidery Digitizingis mainly used in the sectors like sports, business also for uniforms and even fashion where ever one needs to design any logo or any other thing on clothes digital embroidery is used.Hand sewing is theprocedure of quite a while period though Embroidery Digitizing is brisk and gives quality and tidiness.

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