How to promote yourself on social media?

Being an independent artist is no joke. One needs not to be skilled in music only, but it takes professionalism, PR, hard work and lots of promotional strategies on top, however, with the help of the digital world and social media, a new dimension of promotion is accessible to every single artist. Signing up on various independent music sites is a lot helpful and social media is playing a great role for those, who hope to be discovered.

All artists who are famous in the college music scene can upload their videos on YouTube, Instagram to make a strong fan base. Social media has a lot of potential when it comes to promotion. These days online presence is very important. While promotion on this media, one should learn to frame content in interesting ways. For instance, photos and small teaser videos of formation process will just bring curiosity in your friends to stick around for your track or song.

A website is a proper place to showcase your career. Even if you are starting out, you should have one, to highlight upcoming events of your career. It means more sale and business of your album or upcoming show’s tickets. Using blog capable tools, you can create your own homepage or blog. Not only just your blog is helpful but also there are small music bloggers who are always in search of new content to be exclusive from others. Send personal emails to share your music with them. That way it will circulate fast. It is important that you find blogs that cover your type of music.

The latest trend to promote independent artist is collaboration with other musicians. It is a great way to introduce your music-to-music lovers and make a new group of fans. Sometimes these types of collaborated tracks become instant hits due to versatility brought into the track with collaboration. Collaboration is a great idea but one must also keep in mind that these types of collaborations should be done with bands and singers of same genre.

Remix music of a track, which is already well known, or re sing it but, only when you are too good at it. It is number 1 idea to increase your listeners. Alternatively, you can also leave sample music on websites that play content from independent artists most of the time. One other way to promote your work is through email. You can keep your fans updated about your upcoming show or tour. You can also keep them informed about your blog, as it is important to bring visitors to your website more often.

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