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Korean dramas are mostly seen as part of the “Korean wave” which refers to the massive increase in the fame and demand of the Korean culture. The term “Korean wave” has been in use since 1990s. There has been an obvious rise in the fame of cultural products of Korea in the international market since 1990s and this phenomenon is most evident in the entertainment industry where Korean films, Korean songs, dramas and animations have swept the international entertainment arena. Korean programs have become potential competitors of their American and Japanese counterparts. Along with Korean drama, Korean fashion in general like in clothing, in hairstyles and makeover has become very famous among the youth all over the world. The prominence of Korean drama has far exceeded any other item or aspect of the Korean culture. This is quite obvious from the fact that there are many websites on the internet that are solely dedicated to Korean drama. You can watch Korean drama on these websites at the time of your choice.

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