moviestarplanet cheats

There are VIP memberships that one can buy in order to stand out in the crowd and make the game more enjoyable with cool extra features. These are not expensive and are a great deal. There are usually 3 kinds of membership that one can buy. There is a normal membership that offer 5-star coins daily and a few autographs. It also offers a free spin on the VIP wheel. Then there comes the elite membership. This membership allows the user to have 1 diamond and 20-star coins daily, 4 autographs every minute and 7 times more friends than an ordinary account. The star membership offers the biggest of the lot. One can have 2 diamonds and 40-star coins daily with 3 spins of the IP wheel, along with 30 autographs in an hour. All these features make the game more enjoyable and allow the user to progress in the game more rapidly.

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