The craze for tattoos has caught on with women in a mighty way. Yes, women of today want to showcase that they are liberated unlike their predecessors. By tattooing, they feel they are showing that they can do just what they want even if they have to permanently ink themselves, and in areas of their bodies that are exposed. In ancient times, tattoos were meant more for men.
Individuals get tattoos done for numerous reasons. Some love to decorate their bodies with creative artwork and some individuals get dates inked specifying a birthday of a loved one, wedding anniversary or amemorable event that has eventually changed your life for good. Tattoos are sort of reminders that you would not like to fade off with age. Individuals maintain a diary containing stuff that they would like to always stay written and referring to it when they wish. Paper is not permanent, the writing can fade or the diary could get lost or destroyed in many ways. You have to take special care to protect paper but individuals nowadays would like to have some important markings to stay forever and carry them on their body in the form of tattoos.

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