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Leonardo has a European background, with Italian, German and Russian roots, but he is a true American, as this is his mother country. He started his career from childhood when he was starring in television and commercials. He started to get notice thanks to the last season of “Growing Pains”, where he received a significant role. After that, he acted in “The Boy’s Life”; receive great reviews for his performance. Leo’s next movie was “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, which landed him an “Academy Award” nomination. The next projects of the actor were also appreciated, receiving positive critics for his performance in “Total Eclipse” and “The Basketball Diaries”. However, he got much exposure in William Shakespeare’s inspired film, “Rome and Juliet”, which was a definite box office at the time. However, the famous “Titanic” made him one of the Richest celebrities and assured DiCaprio’s career for the years to come.

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