sarouel enfant

Harem pants have come from Asia Minor or the Turkish areas and have now spread to the whole world as an oriental dress item. These baggy pants are the remnants of the ancient Turkish culture, mixed with specs from the Arabian Desert culture. In the times when the Islamic Empire ruled Asia Minor, the Arabian and the Turkish culture got mixed, and that is the reason that when we think of Arabian nights, we think of harem pants as the dress code. Female harem pants have now become a fashion symbol in many parts of the world as the changing fashions include foreign cultures and trends into local clothing and items. These pants are now very famous in liberal cultures like France or Latin America or even in India and Pakistan. Harem pants are loose pants that run the entire length of your legs and close at the end around the ankle. This way the pants completely cover the legs but give you a feeling of ultimate freedom and lightness as the cloth hardly clings to your body! For this reason, the cheap harem pants are famous in both conservative and liberal cultures alike.

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